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    CyberKeel acquired by Improsec ApS

    Maritime cyber security company CyberKeel has been acquired by the Danish cyber security company Improsec ApS.

    The acquisition follows several years of close strategic collaboration between the two companies wherein Improsec provides world-class leading technical expertise within cyber security, and CyberKeel is a strong pioneer within the field of maritime cyber security.


    CyberKeel is founded by Lars Jensen and Morten Schenk, combining deep insights into the maritime sector with hands-on experience in cybersecurity from a defensive as well as offensive approach.


    Cyber Security encompasses more than IT technical solutions. Proper Cyber Security is anchored with management at C-Level and involves awareness and business processes as much as it does technical solutions. 

    • External Penetration Testing

    • Internal Penetration Testing

    • Technical training

    • ​Management training

    • ​Awareness training

    • ​Risk assessment

    • ​Risk mitigation workshop