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    CyberKeel was founded in 2014 by Lars Jensen and Morten Schenk, combining deep insights into the maritime sector with hands-on experience in cybersecurity from a defensive as well as offensive approach.

    CyberKeel: Combining maritime and hacking skills

    Co-founder and CEO Lars Jensen

    Lars Jensen is a recognized global expert in container shipping markets. Initially working for Maersk Line, being responsible for global intelligence and analysis as well as e-Commerce.


    Since 2011 the founder of SeaIntel Maritime Analysis and currently CEO of SeaIntelligence Consulting providing strategic insights and advise on business development and digitization.

    Mr. Jensen has a Ph.D. degree in Physics, as well as strategy and leadership training from London Business School and Copenhagen Business School. 

    Mr. Jensen has extensive experience in bringing knowledge and new processes into companies in the maritime industry, with an emphasis on practical solutions rooted in the everyday business needs.

    Co-founder and CTO Morten Schenk

    Morten Schenk, Chief Technology Officer, is a former Lieutenant in the Danish military, as well as Center for Cyber Security under the Danish Defense Intelligence Agency, particularly focusing on cyber security.

    Mr. Schenk is educated in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Copenhagen, and is additionally trained in identifying weaknesses useful for obtaining unauthorized access.


    Mr. Schenk has practical experience on both conducting such penetration, as well as acting in a defensive capability in discovering and neutralizing such attempts at penetration.